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    Discount in a Standard PO

      Is it possible to give a discount on the PO header price for a standard PO?How?
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          As I believe we can not get discount in a Standard PO. Rather we can go for a Blanket PO where we can have the pricebreak concept to get the discount...
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            Is it possible to give a discount on the PO header price for a standard PO?How?
            Depending upon which release you are in, you can try following options but in most of the cases it will be based on line level discounted price and PO header will just add up. For Standard PO scenarios:

            1) Discounts through Advance Pricing ... please refer to the MOS (Metalink) notes below. Discount will be at line level unit price with modifiers etc ... same will add up to PO total

            2) You can define an Offset tax with -ve rate and try to apply this in PO .. Offset tax should be enabled

            3) Create a Bid Quotation. At shipment level specify quantity and related discounted prices ... Approve Quotation (status Active)... From Tools >> Copy Document create a standard PO. It will give a note that Quottaion line and shipment prices are different and only line price will apply... PO created ... after PO creation enter line quantity for which applicable for discount and you'll see line price getting changed to discounted price ...

            MOS (Metalink) notes for Advanced Pricing in Purchasing.... 1st will give you detailed steps ...
            455778.1 : What Are The Steps Required To Setup And Use Advanced Pricing in Purchasing White Paper
            739560.1 : How To Use Advance Pricing With Order Management And Purchasing
            293991.1 : Advanced Pricing Is Not Defaulting Price From Price List
            357657.1 : FAQ Using Advanced Pricing in Purchase Orders and Requisitions
            361233.1 : Purchasing & Advanced Pricing Integration: Default is List Price
            299698.1 : 11.5.10: Does Advanced Pricing In Purchasing Require Oracle Pricing To Be Installed
            312665.1 : Advanced Pricing Is it Possible To Use Manual Modifiers ?
            293793.1 : What Are the Profile Options Required for Advanced Pricing in Oracle Purchasing
            258521.1 : About Oracle Purchasing in Oracle Supply Chain Management Family Pack J
            331239.1 : Contract source document is not defaulted on the Requisition

            Based on your need please check if any of these solutions will be applicable.

            Good luck!

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