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    Drill back from HFM

      I have loaded data into an HFM application with FDM but I cannot drill back to FDM from HFM.

      I have set the FDM application in FdmAppName in the HFM metadata
      I click on Audit intersection and a FDM window opens but no data is displayed

      I am probably just missing a simple bit of setup but I have looked in the manual and googled and cannot find any help. I would be very gratefully of any assistance.
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          Erich Ranz
          Have you done these steps?

          Configure the link between HFM and FDM
          In HFM, set the URL that is used to open the "Audit Intersection" page. Navigate to the “Server and Web Configuration” which is located under Start > Programs > ... > Hyperion Financial Management. Set the value for "Financial Data Management URL" to http://{FDM server}/HyperionFDM/AuthorizedPages/IntersectionSummaryByLocation.aspx

          Define the FDM application name
          Enter the name of the FDM application for property "FdmAppName" in the HFM Application Settings. The application's metadata needs to be refreshed afterwards.

          Note: After the user opens the "Audit Intersection" page, login is required. For further improvements, it is also possible to skip the login by implementing Single Sign-On if HFM and FDM use the same user authentication method. SSO can be enabled by setting up a SSO Authentication Provider in the FDM Load Balancer
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            Can you please be more specific on what you mean by "No data is displayed?"

            Thank you,