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    Purchase order summary form


      In purchase order summary form i query the purchase order with release number it is showing some amount in the headers summary form ,
      Now i want to know the how this amount filed is return value.based on which values it is calculated.

      ex:-My po_num:-11177 and release_num=5 once i query combination of this in the purchase order summary form it is showing in the headers amount filed is 32,054.25,
      But i query from back end based this po_number po_headers_all table showing BLANKET_TOTAL_AMOUNT=3953444.9

      Now i need help how amount filed calculated in the purchase order form .

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          Hi Narendra,
          blanket amount is SUM of amount for all releases under that Blanket.
          Release amount is SUM of amount for all shipments for that release i.e. SUM (quantity x price) for all shipments under that release.
          e.g. you have a blanket with 2 releases for the same item with unit price $ 1000.
          Release 1: Quantity = 3. So here the release amount will be $ 3000 (3 x 1000).
          Release 2: Quantity = 5. So here the release amount will be $ 5000 (5 x 1000).

          And the blanket amount will be $ 8000 (3000 + 5000)

          When you are querying using the blanket number and release number in PO summary the system is showing only the release record and corresponding amount for that. As per above example you'll see $ 3000 for 1st release and $ 5000 for 2nd release.

          Now query in PO summary with blanket number and without any release number. Check the 'View Releases' checkbox and press find. You'll see the blanket and all associated releases. There the release amount will add up the total blanket amount.

          - Supro