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    How to activate the Electronic Commerce System of our JD Edwards World A73

      Hi All,

      How to activate the Electronic Commerce System of our JD Edwards World A73 software ?

      Our license includes this system although it is not currently installed. We tried to do the installation without success.

      Software: JD Edwards World A7.3

      Software expiration date: 123119

      We have a list of Systems covered by licensing that includes JD Edwards World EDI (System 47)

      The information we have gleaned from our AS400 files shows System 47 has no Install Key Matrix code. We are unable to install the EDI System.

      The following is cut/pasted from calling program J99LSF# from the AS400 command line and inquiring on System 00.

      * * * * * *


      Action Code. . . . . . . . . . . . I

      System Code . . . . . . . . . . . 00 Technical Foundation

      Install Key Matrix . . . . . . . . L12345M12346N27O28

      * * * * *

      We requested and received a new Software expiration date and code to do the install. The instructions said to restore our year 2019 expiration information when finished. When the installation failed we did change the code back.

      We followed the instructions to start the process of installing System 47 but could not get the "Systems to Install/Upgrade" selection screen to appear. The screen number is 96002. The program skipped over it. We tried three times to create the Plan from menu A97IBM (logged in as JDEINSTAL). We have read the Install Workbook. It has no information concerning this.

      Any help will be highly appreciated..

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          john dickey, mccarthy
          My goodness, this is something that you really need to contact support for help with. You don't mention what JDE World 7.3 cum version you are on, what version of OS/400 you are on, and what IBM hardware you are on. Could be all sorts of things. What sort can do is start a web session and see what is actually going on in your system, and be able to look at the various settings and configurations that you have. Something that we cannot do on this forum. Support is very well equipped to deal with this kind of problem. On this forum, we can speculate as to possible causes, but those speculations may not apply to your specific problem, and cause you to waste time chasing a dead end.

          John Dickey