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    Using Advanced Pricing in Purchasing--r12

      Can anyone give me the steps required to give a discount/surcharge on the PO price using Advanced Pricing. I understand that we have to set up modifiers and attach qualifier groups to such modifiers, but I'm not getting the desired results. I did not find any information regarding this in the Purchasing UG(r12).

      Any document reference will be of immense help.

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          Please use the following MOS (Metalink) notes. 1st one will give you step by step approach. Please check all the profiles needed (I think not all of them are mentioned in the 1st note). Most of these notes are for 11.5.10.x but should work for R12as well.

          455778.1 : What Are The Steps Required To Setup And Use Advanced Pricing in Purchasing White Paper
          739560.1 : How To Use Advance Pricing With Order Management And Purchasing
          293991.1 : Advanced Pricing Is Not Defaulting Price From Price List
          357657.1 : FAQ Using Advanced Pricing in Purchase Orders and Requisitions
          361233.1 : Purchasing & Advanced Pricing Integration: Default is List Price
          299698.1 : 11.5.10: Does Advanced Pricing In Purchasing Require Oracle Pricing To Be Installed
          312665.1 : Advanced Pricing Is it Possible To Use Manual Modifiers ?
          293793.1 : What Are the Profile Options Required for Advanced Pricing in Oracle Purchasing

          Good luck!
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            In my case, the client has to apply a %age value either above or below the PO price. For example, if the PO value is 1000, and he gives this value(which can be stored in the PO header DFF) as 10, then the PO price will be either 900 or 1100 depending on whether he selects 'Below' or 'Above'(this value can be stored in another segment in the DFF). The price of each line of the PO should be adjusted accordingly, so that there isn't any problem while creating a PO matching invoice.

            I felt this could be handled using Pricing, but mapping this process seems complicated. Any suggestions to handle this either using Standard functionality or through a customization/personalization?
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              Yes, to use Advanced Pricing in PO there are different setups involved you need to manage them well regularly, if there are frequent changes in discount rules.

              Since you want to apply discount on PO Total, hence Blanket Agreements with Price Breaks (simpler alternative to Advanced Pricing) is not applicable in your case.

              For the scenario mentioned it is important to know when you want to apply this discount/ surcharge. When the users are entering the PO do they already know the discount? Because apart from technical considerations you need to check for the impact on downstream processes upto the end of the cycle.

              You can try to use the approach mentioned in your post using a trigger from Personalization/ a concurrent request. For concurrent request option you can try to use PO_CHANGE_API1_S.update_po but it will consider POs with Approved/ Requires Reapproval status and with restrictions. Like it won't update price if receipt exists against atleast one shipment and accrued and/ or invoice created etc. That's why "when" part of the question is important.

              If you plan to use form personalization then be careful, as it may popup unwanted message windows confirming no. of
              record(s) committed (as you have commit the changes). Also if you plan to update line prices directly in the form (not thru API/ backend) then there may be possible gaps. Say if there are mutilple lines & users clear some lines after query and then apply the discount then at form level it won't get applied to all lines for that PO.

              Another important aspect is adjusting the line prices. As you will try to adjust line price based on total discount applied on PO total, after a price update takes place price changes will be rolled down to the shipment level for standard POs. The adjusted amount should match invoice to avoid un-matched recurring accrual entries.