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    Primavera P6 is loading project slowly

      Hello P6 Admins / User!

      Afterwards I inserted Relationships between the activities, more than 33000 relationships, the loading process of P6.2.1 increases. While we are waiting for the appliction 1h or more runs away before the application can be managed. What is the problem of P6 which increases the loading process? Please help us as soon as possible.


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          How many activities are in this project?

          Is this a stand-alone or network/enterprise database?

          Oracle or MS SQL?

          Is the database on your LAN or are you accessing it across the WAN?

          One hour seems excessive but there are a lot of variables that can performance issues. Our primary schedule is roughly 20K activities (I'm not sure exactly how many relationships off the top of my head) and takes us 3-5 minutes to initially load.
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            The application is a stand alone application on a MSSQL Express 2005 version.
            Activities are above 33000 entries.
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              Since this is running in a stand-alone database the amount of RAM in your computer and how fast your processor is will be a huge part of how fast the DB can process requests.

              Post your PC specs so we know what hardware you are working with. I would hope you are running at a minimum a +2ghz dual core with 2GB ram.
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                This computer has got 2 processors and 2 GB RAM.

                We have tested the Indexes of the tables which are used. So we found out that the import of XER-files fragments the indexes so strong that the application needs so long for loading. We rebuild the indexes and the application starts as usually.

                Therefore another question comes up, whether the MSSQL Enterprice Edition automaticly defragments the fragmented indexes. If so, then we can relay on that system, if not so, then we have to inform our customer about this problem.

                Thanks a lot for the fast help.
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                  33,000 relationships? Wow, that's amazing. I'm running a $65,000,000 job with only 1,000 activities, and about 1,600 relationships. How large is your project?