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    Is there a view to show Semantic Network Index Info?

      I'm working on performance tuning on some SEM_MATCH queries and have been playing with some Network Indexes (ALTER_SEM_INDEX_ON_MODEL, etc.). I can see the index objects in the MDSYS schema, but my question is:
      Is there a view that will let me see exactly which models and rules indexes the network indexes have been applied to and on which ones they are still UNSUABLE?
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          The SYS.DBA_IND_PARTITIONS (ALL_IND_PARTITIONS) may have the information you are looking for.
          Try this:

          select *
          from sys.dba_ind_partitions -- all_ind_partitions
          where index_owner = 'MDSYS'
          and index_name like 'RDF_LNK%'
          order by index_name, partition_name;

          If you want to find the model name - then join to the MDSYS.RDF_MODEL$ view.

          select m.model_name, i.partition_name, i.index_owner, i.index_name
          , i.status, i.tablespace_name, i.last_analyzed, i.num_rows
          from mdsys.rdf_model$ m
          , sys.dba_ind_partitions i
          where i.partition_name = 'MODEL_' || to_char(m.model_id)
          and i.index_owner = 'MDSYS'
          and i.index_name like 'RDF_LNK%'
          order by m.model_name, i.index_name;