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    FDM to HFM Batch Loader Error

      I am trying to automated the load to HFM via FDM Workbench Batch Loader.

      It works fine as long as there are no validation error. I have also created a automapcorrect location with explicit autocorrect mapping, yet it fails during validation.

      I get following error :

      Task: Validate
      Class: Validate Task Error
      Type: Validate Failed: [Event Script Overrode the Status]

      Which I was able to fix but disabling the intersection validation but than the load fails...

      any pointers are appreciated
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          This message usually appears when the validation fails.
          You could check the validation file in the Outbox to see what is causing it to fail. There will probably be a .hml file there with a timestamp similar to when you did your load. If it has passed validation, this file should be very small (1K - ie empty)