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    404 when trying to access apex using Oracle XE

    Rene W.
      I've installed a new system disk on my computer.

      On my old system I had Oracle XE + Apex 3.1 installed on a data drive in e:\oracleXE
      On my new system I installed Oracle XE in e:\oracleXE2. Then copied the contents of E:\oracleXE\oradata\XE to E:\oracleXE2\oradata\XE and hoped everything I had in the old environment would work in the new environment.

      My new database starts fine and all the old data is now available.

      Unfortunately APEX is not available. When I go to localhost:8080 I get the Oracle XE license agreement page but going to localhost:8080/apex gives a 404 error.

      Any suggestions for things I have missed or things to check are welcome.