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    Customize Requisition Approval Notification - show all GL segments per line

      Oracle Apps : Oracle Approval notification shows Cost Center only. How can I add all of our GL segments ?
      We are using AME Approval process of WF Item type REQAPPRV. Modifying a pakcge POXWPA6B.pls (Get_Req_Line_Details_Link) to populate additional attributes and values are not working.

      this is what Oracle Support said and is unable to provide any additional information.
      The Requisition Approval Notification message is titled PO_REQ_APPROVE_JRAD. The requisition lines are shown on the approval notification by a call to the function ICX_POR_REQLINES_NTFN. This function, when viewed using the system administrator responsibility - Navigation: Application/Function - has a web html call to - /oracle/apps/icx/por/wf/webui/ReqLinesNotificationsRN.

      Upon extending the ReqLinesNotificationsRN, to add new item attributes, the item attributes must be set as 'Rendered' = True - at the site level - in order for the attributes to be seen in the Approval Email notification.

      Has anyone done this on 11.5.10 instance ?