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    Field Service strange restriction

      Hi Guys,
      from Oracle® Advanced Scheduler User Guide:
      'To calculate the travel time and distance using geo-spatial data, the addresses of customer locations and technician's home are geo-coded by the location finder.'

      'To calculate travel time and distance between two tasks, Scheduler requires the geo-coded location information for each task.'

      #1. I have only the latitude and longitude coordinates of assets provided by customer. I have no spatial data. I need to calculate the distance by point-to-point method and the latitude and longitude should be sufficient for it.

      Where in the Field Service module can I provide latitude and longitude information and Advanced Sheduler will take it when calculating distance?

      #2. How can I populate geometry columns of hz_locations table (Advanced Scheduler using them when calculating distance) without spatial data?

      Release: 12.1

      Huge thanks in advance,