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    Geotagging Photos: Any Applications realized on Oracle Spatial base?


      I just wonder if there are any projects out there about geotagging photos based on Oracle GIS? I know applications from/on EXRI, GlobalMapper, MapInfo, ... base but not on Oracle Spatial.

      What this could IMHO be good for?

      - Storing and spatial (re)-finding of pictures for documentation in engineering, geosiences as well as picture agencies.
      - Planings, ... especially combined with direction of view (Headning)
      - etc.

      One of the coolest apps at the moment: photomapperserver. This is ESRI based but shows some nice features.

      For myself I do not code myself (anymore). But I am running [http://www.gps-camera.eu] where I BLOG about interesting Geotagging news. Else I am selling professional Photo-GPS equipment for direkt geotagging (eg Solmeta geotagger N2 Kompass).


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