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    GPG and SFTP in PeopleSoft

      I'm preparing a report on how to securely send files and documents to external partners. I have settled on running GPG and SFTP key authentication through command calls to the Batch UNIX server. Does anyone have any experience in setting this up directly in the web interface? I ask because if I understand correctly, OpenSSL is included in the Encryption pages as wellas glue for PGP. Thanks for any info.
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          Why not use Integration Broker to do your sftp instead?
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            Thanks for the reply. Could you elaborate a bit on how SFTP is used with IB? As far as I can tell, IB can connect using SOAP-like interfaces, there is no mention of ssh-type connections. Also, I think some of the data to be passed has to be a file and can't be expressed as an XML file.
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              For non-interactive sftp you'll have to set up authentication keys. For doing that I think you need openssh and not just openssl.

              You can possibly call your sftp scripts with system calls from inside an app engine.


              Open up PeopleBooks and go to
              PeopleBooks > Enterprise PeopleTools 8.49 PeopleBook: PeopleSoft Integration Broker > Using Listening Connectors and Target Connectors
              and then scroll down to 'Working With the FTP Target Connector'
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                It true, you can use FTPS with IB, I hadn't noticed that. But I think we will be going the SFTP with keys approach, or possibly mounted NFS directories, with GPG where possible, and all of this called through system calls.