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    Creating Requisition

    Uma Maddi
      Hi All,

      I am new to Procument. I want to know how to crearte a Requisition from iProcurement Self service Page

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Assuming that the store /catalog has been setup, you can simply log into the responsibility and do a search.
          Then you can add the item you want to cart and begin the checkout process.
          It is really not much different than shopping on Amazon.

          You may want to setup your iprocurement preferences beforehand.
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            Dear Uma,
            Best practice will be, try to shop items (from Catalogue or non Catalogue Items), once you select Item , qty then go for check out process.. Requisition will be created once the normal approval process is over. Through I-proc you can shop, can create requisition, Can create PO automatically and can receive Material too.. If you need screenshots then feel free to drop a mail to spdash12@gmail.com

            Do remember, I-proc module is fully based on PO & Inventory.

            Before creating requisition through i-proc make sure your i-Proc setup is correctly done.

            Your can refer below steps (Sample)

            S.P DASH


            1. Sysadmin: Define Profile Options     

            Profile Name     Site     Responsibility
            POR: Reapproval after Contractor Assignment     Conditionally Required     
            POR: Auto Load Category Descriptors     No     
            POR: Auto Load Root Descriptors     No     
            POR: Auto Load Shopping Categories     No     
            POR: Autocreate Shopping Category and Mapping     Yes     
            POR: Bulk Loader Commit Size     2500     
            POR: Cache Time To Live Minutes     15     
            POR: Days Needed By     2     
            POR: Display Graphical Approval List     Yes     
            POR: Override Requester     By All     
            POR: Transparent Punchout Timeout Limit     60
            POR : Search Results Skin     Paragraph View     
            POR : Goods Line Type     Goods     
            POR: Override Location Flag(1)     Yes     Yes
            MRP:Default Sourcing Assignment Set          
            PO: Allow Requisition Approval Forward Action          Yes
            POR:Allow Manual Selection of Source     No     
            POR : Amount Based Services Line Type     Services     
            POR: Apply Expense Account Rules to Favorite Charge Accounts     No     No
            POR : Approved Pricing Only     No     
            POR: Catalog Bulk Loader Host     Default     
            POR: Change Catalog Language     No     
            POR: Default Currency Conversion Rate Type     MOR     
            POR: Enable Automatic Debit Memo Creation for Returns     Yes     
            POR: Enable Advanced Search     Yes     Yes
            POR: Enable Check Funds     No checkfunds     
            POR: Enable Req Header Customization          Yes
            POR: Enable Requisition Line Customization          Yes
            POR : Override Supplier P-Card     No     
            POR: Purge Jobs Older Than (days)     30     
            POR : Rate Based Services Line Type     Expense     
            POR: Require Blind Receiving     No     
            POR: Select Internal Requisition for Confirm Receipt     Yes     
            POR: Select Inventory Replenishment Lines For Confirm Receipts     Yes     
            POR: Show Thumbnail Images     Yes     
            POR: SSP4 Installed     Yes     
            POR: Support review for Express Receive     Yes     
            POR : System Approvers are Mandatory     Yes     
            POR : Use Sequence for Requisition Numbering     No     
            POR: Catalog Result Set Size     7     
            POR: My Favorite Store     Main Store CANADA     
            POR : Preferences - Deliver to Location     <your Preferred org>     
            POR: Generate and Display Account at Checkout     Yes     Yes
            POR: Result Set Size     10     

            2) Define Requisition Templates for Oracle iProcurement Public Lists (N.A)
                 Navigation: Setup->Purchasing->Requisition Templates
            Operating Unit     Template Name     Description     Type     Inactive Date     Reserve PO
            CAN OU     CANADA_REQ_TEMPLATE     REQUISITION TEMPLATE for Canada     Purchase Requisition          

            Line     Type     Item     Rev     Category     Description     Source Type     UOM     Suggested Quantity     Price     Supplier     Site     Contact     Supplier Item     Buyer
            1     Goods/Expense     R1510C          Direct Materials.

                 25% R1510 (BRIGHT SILVER MICA) IN VALOX 315 PBT
                 SUPPLIER     KG     1     13.823

            3) iProcurement: Information Template
                 Information Template for Canada

                 Template Name          Available in All Organizations          Attachment Category          Attribute Seq.          Attribute     Name          Attribute Description          Default Value          LOV          Mandatory          Enabled                                                                                               
                 Note to Supplier           Yes          To Supplier          1          Note to Supplier           Note to Supplier                               Yes          Yes
                 e.g. (Sample)
            Type                     Item Number_
            Item Number     241115030000001
            Item Number     241115030000002
            Item Number     241115030000003
            Item Number     241115030000004
            Item Number     431718000000001
            Item Number     440000000000001
            Item Number     441021010000001
            Item Number     441200000000001
            Item Number     461816050000001
            Item Number     461818020000001
            Item Number     461916010000001

            This setup will help to send a note to supplier (e.g fragile item, send ASAP instruction etc when above items are checked out i-proc requisiton)

            3) Define Global Blanket Purchase Agreements  N.R

            4) Define Contract Purchase Agreements  N.R

            5) Define Shipping Networks and Customer Locations for Internal Requisitions  N.R

            6) Set Up Content Security

            Create Stores:
            NAVIGATION: Procurement Catalog Admin > Stores > Stores
            Sl.No     Store Name     Image     Description     Long Description
            1     Main Store CANADA          Main Store for CANADA     Main Store for CANADA

            Assign Content Zone
            NAVIGATION: Procurement Catalog Admin > Stores > Stores >Content Zone
            Sl.No     Store Name     Content Zone     Type     Comment
            1     Main Store CANADA     All Local Content     Local      

            7) Create Commodity-Based Expense Account Rules
            Purchasing Setup > Financials > Accounting > Expense Account Rules

            POR: Apply Expense Account Rules to Favorite Charge Accounts to Yes (profile option)

            Sl.No     Account Rule Type     Account Rule Value     Segment Name     Segment Value
            1     ITEM CATEGORY     Direct Material.Additives.Fiber Glass.Roving     NATURAL ACCOUNT     311010621
            2     ITEM CATEGORY     Direct Material.Additives.Fiber Glass.Roving     BASE VARIABLE     0

            8) Set Up Smart Forms  set it as per your requirement

            9) Set Project Accounting       set it as per your requirement

            10) Set Advanced Pricing      set it as per your requirement

            11) Set Up Function, Menu, and Data Security  set it as per your requirement

            12) Personalize Oracle iProcurement Using Oracle Applications Framework

            Sl.No     Personalize field     Level  (Site/ Organization/ Responsibility)     Rendered            (Inherit/ True/ False)
            1     Check Box : Urgent     Site/ Organization/ Responsibility     False / False / False
            2     Enter one-time address     Site/ Organization/ Responsibility     False / False / False
            3     Row Layout: (ReqDistDFFRow) AR Project Number     Site/ Organization/ Responsibility     True / True / True
            13) Set Oracle Services Procurement      set it as per your requirement

            14) Create Operating Unit-Specific Purchasing News  set it as per your requirement

            15) Customize Operating Unit-Specific Purchasing Policies      set it as per your requirement

            16) Define Descriptive Flex fields on Requisitions  set it as per your requirement     

            17) Define Descriptive Flex fields on Requisitions  set it as per your requirement     

            18) Assign Descriptive Flexfield Security Rules  set it as per your requirement

            19) iProcurement Category Hierarchy:
                 Navigation : Internet Procurement Catalog Administration > Schema > Category Hierarchy
            Top Level Category     Level 2(Major Category)     Level 3(Minor Category)     Level 4          
            Canada Item Category     Admin (Top Level)          
                 Business Services (Lev-2)          
                 Charitable Contributions          
                 Chlorine Equipment          
                 Construction Services          
                 Direct Material-Additives          
                 Direct Material-Chemicals          
                 Direct Material-Colorants          

            20) iProcurement Item Categories:
                 Internet Procurement Catalog Administration > Schema > Item Categories
            Category Name     Category Key     Description*

            Admin     Admin     Admin
            Business Services     Business Services     Business Services
            Catering     Catering     Catering
            Charitable Contributions     Charitable Contributions     Charitable Contributions
            Chlorine Equipment     Chlorine Equipment     Chlorine Equipment
            Construction Services     Construction Services     Construction Services
            Direct Material-Additives     Direct Material-Additives     Direct Material-Additives
            Direct Material-Chemicals     Direct Material-Chemicals     Direct Material-Chemicals
            Direct Material-Colorants     Direct Material-Colorants     Direct Material-Colorants

            21) iProcurement: Mapping Categories:
                 Internet Procurement Catalog Administration > Schema > Category Mapping
                 Example Categories are listed below:
                 Categories require mapping from iProcurement to the Core Applications.
                 Map Categories to map the iProcurement Categories from the Unified Catalogue to the Oracle Core application categories. First select the iProcurement category and map them to the Oracle Core application Category, using the ‘map button’.

            Purchasing Category Name     Description     Mapped to Shopping Category_

            Charitable Contributions.Unassigned.Unassigned.Unassigned     Charitable Contributions.Unassigned.Unassigned.Unassigned     Charitable Contributions
            Direct Material.Additives.Amines.Unassigned     Direct Material.Additives.Amines.Unassigned     Direct Material
            Direct Material.Additives.Antistat.Unassigned     Direct Material.Additives.Antistat.Unassigned     Direct Material
            Direct Material.Additives.Biocide.Unassigned     Direct Material.Additives.Biocide.Unassigned     Direct Material
            Direct Material.Additives.Carbon Fiber.Unassigned     Direct Material.Additives.Carbon Fiber.Unassigned     Direct Material
            Direct Material.Additives.Carbon Fibrils.Unassigned     Direct Material.Additives.Carbon Fibrils.Unassigned     Direct Material
            Direct Material.Additives.Chain Extenders.Acrylic Epoxide     Direct Material.Additives.Chain Extenders.Acrylic Epoxide     Direct Material
            Direct Material.Additives.Fiber Glass.Chopped Strand     Direct Material.Additives.Fiber Glass.Chopped Strand     Direct Material
            Direct Material.Additives.Fiber Glass.Roving     Direct Material.Additives.Fiber Glass.Roving     Direct Material
            Direct Material.Additives.Fiber Glass.Milled Glass     Direct Material.Additives.Fiber Glass.Milled Glass     Direct Material
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              Hi all,

              I want to know how to restrict group users to access the catalogs in iProcurement responsibility.I am able to restrict individual users by using Realms.Can anyone provide solution for Restricting a list of users under a group to access the catalogs.
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                Please create a responsibility and set the realms at the responsibility level. Then assign this resp to the users.