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    adding font MetaPlusBold-Roman font


      I added MetaPlusBold-Roman font using the following steps

      1. I copied the font files MetPBR80.pfb and MetPBR80.pfm to a specific directory /home/xyz.

      2. I modified xdo.cfg under JAVA_HOME/jre/lib to include this font as follows

      <font family="MetaPlusBold-Roman" style="normal" weight="bold">
      <type1 pfb="/home/xyz/MetPBR80.pfb" pfm="/home/xyz/MetPBR80.pfm" />

      3. I restarted BIPublisher.

      I followed these steps as indicated in this blog http://blogs.oracle.com/xmlpublisher/2008/09/ps_font_support.html

      I had previously used these steps to get Voluta Script to show up in my reports viewed as pdf files.

      However MetaPlusBold-Roman font is not showing up in pdf files, but is showing up in HTML version of the reports.

      Has anyone used this font and got it working?

      Thank you.