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    AME Approval Query

      Hi ,

      We are on R12 and using Iproc and AME.

      For Requisition Approval, currently we have defined Rules with Header Item class to generate a list of approvers using an Approval group.
      So, if a Requisition has 10 lines, then the req is sent for approval to the relevant approval groups once based on Rules defined.

      eg: Req1-> Approval Group1 -> Approval Group2 -> Approval Group3 -> End

      Say, a Requisition is approved by approver Group1 and then if someone changes one of the lines, and resubmits the Requisition, it then goes for re-approval to ALL the approval groups again.

      Is there a way to prevent this and make it go to the remaining approvers ONLY(Group 2 and Group3) ?

      I know this is not an ideal approach, but for now just need to know in theory if this is possible using the setups in AME.

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          You could look into AME attributes if there is one that allows this desired functionality. May be repeated approvers or something like it.

          In worst case you can write the approval group queries to avoid re-approvals. Use ame_temp_old_approver_lists table to identify the approvals that are already done. The item ID in this table is transacttion_id (requisition_id).

          Although i am not very certain if ame_temp_old_approval_lists will have data while approval group 2 query is run but its worth a try.

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            Thanks for the reply. Is line level approval possible in Iprocurement, so that if after a Requisition is sent for approval , if someone changes a line information, ONLY that line is resent for Approval to ALL the approvers instead of ALL the lines.
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              That might be possible through AME item classes. But never tried it.