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    Mandatory parameter 'IdcService' for POST or GET is missing

      I checked in a document into 10gR3 content server running on top of Win 2003 server .

      I can search for the document. Open the document from inside my home page. I can get content ID info about the document.

      I selected the "send link by email.

      My email client (outlook) is launched correctly with re:folio admin guide in the subject line
      In the body of the e-mail

      web-viewable link:

      native file link:

      content info:

      I can successful launch the document via http://fileserver3/idc/groups/public/documents/adsales/000001.pdf
      However if I use the other 2 links for the native file or the content info I get the error message in a html page

      Mandatory parameter 'IdcService' for POST or GET is missing. Request could not be processed. Could not find the parameter 'IdcService'.

      I know that the IDCService is running, as it is visible within the services panel, as well as the obvious that the content server would not be running, e.g. http://fileserver3/idc/idcplg?IdcService=GET_DOC_PAGE&Action=GetTemplatePage&Page=HOME_PAGE&Auth=Internet

      I turned on the full trace option and searched the content server log file but there was no failure request.