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    Which accounts are hit on a PO reciept transaction?

      I was checking material distributions and saw that on a PO Receipt transaction, it shows two entries in distributions

      on first it says accounting type as Inv Valuation with a positive transaction value ( unit cost x quantity)

      on the second it says accounting type as Receiving Inspection with a negative same value as in the first line

      Both these lines have same accounts which is the Org`s material account..if this account is hit with a positive value and a same negative value on a PO receipt transaction, than where is the effect of the transaction because both hits make the effect nil.

      I am confused and dont understand

      Please advice
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          since you query the journal entries from material distribution form, it is safe to say that you are looking at the second step of PO Receipt transaction, which is the DELIVER transaction.

          In an AVG Org, the journal you're looking at is:
          Inventory Valuation (Dr) Receiving Account (Cr) @ PO Price

          Both of the account can only be the same if you set it up to be the same.
          Inventory Valuation is taken from the Material account in the Organization Parameter
          Receiving Account is taken from Receiving Options of the IO in question

          Pls check whether both of these settings refer to the same COA combination.