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    Help required in UCM BPEL integration

      Myself Rahul Dutta from itech Technology Sales Consulting team India.
      We are working on a customer scenario where we need to call a BPEL
      process when we are checking in a document in the UCM.
      The document checkin and the BPEL process triggering is totally
      independent (not like UCM BPEL integration where the UCM document will
      be released into the repository after BPEL workflow gets completed and
      callback happened to UCM).

      The scenario here is I will checkin a document in UCM and it will be
      released there but parallaly it will trigger a BPEL process which we
      will use to do some notification and workflow staff, but the workflow
      outcome will not have any impact in te UCM.

      We need your help in implementing tis scenario. How we can sence/trigger
      a BPEL process when a document is cheking in. I have though of multiple
      possibilities like if UCM can do some update in some table which we can
      poll from BPEL or if UCM can call a webservice at the time of document
      checkin or any other way.

      Please help us in this regard.

      Thanks and Regards