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    Re: Skip the Autocreate Form

      Hi Guru's,

      We have a requirement that for all the Approved Requisitions we need to create the Purchase Orders Automatically without going to the Autocreate Form. Everyday we need to schedule a concurrent program that creates the PO's for the Approved Requisitions for which PO's were not created. I did some research on the form, libraries and found out that it is using some pvt api for creating the PO's. But I found out PO_CREATE_DOC Api which triggers the PO Create Document Work Flow.

      Can you guys help me out is this the correct Api which can be used to autocreate the PO's for Approved requisition? As I am in short of time I wanted your suggestions!

      Thanks in Advance.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Have you tried ASL / sourcing rules?
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            There are various ways:

            1) Configuring Workflow to create Purchase Orders for Approved PR's.

            2) Periodic Interface run for creating PO's (Using Purchasing Documents Open Interface) for PR's that are approved.
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              Could you please check below document....

              PO Create Documents
              Workflow File Name: poxwfatc.wft

              This workflow manages the automatic creation of purchasing documents. The PO Create Documents workflow starts in Oracle iProcurement when you submit a
              requisition associated with an existing blanket purchase agreement, contract purchaseagreement, or catalog quotation in Oracle Purchasing. Customize the attributes in this workflow to fit your business needs.

              The following table shows the attributes that you must consider:
              *1) Is Automatic Creation Allowed?*

              Please change to Y

              AUTOCREATE_DOC Indicator (Y for Yes or N for No) of whether this workflow is initiated for all approved requisition lines.
              Default value: N

              2) Is Automatic Approval Allowed?
              AUTO_APPROVE_DOC Indicator of whether the purchase order
              approval workflow is initiated automatically after this workflow.
              Default value: N

              Please change to Y
              3) Should Workflow Create The Release?
              CONT_WF_FOR_AC_REL_GEN Indicator of whether this workflow creates,
              releases, or leaves them to the buyer to create using AutoCreate in Oracle Purchasing.
              Default value: N

              Please change to Y

              Hope this will help...

              S.P DASH