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    apex.oracle.com performance?


      Is there a particular thread or anywhere to look to get information about the current status of apex.oracle.com? I have been trying to use it to quickly learn and evaluate the features and capabilities of APEX. Right now my page requests are getting completely lost 30-40% of the time, I've seen unable to extend UNDO tablespace errors, it seems generally slow, etc. Has anyone else experienced this, or seen any remarks from Oracle concerning it? This is giving off a rather negative impression of the product and some explanation would be useful.

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          this was also my problem the last week. Although I must say that it's much quicker now here at home than at the offce.
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            I have noticed that "non-usual" performance lately, but this is something I have always expected as the number of online apex users is growing rapidly ! You can refer to this post " http://joelkallman.blogspot.com/2009/06/who-says-application-express-cant-scale.html
            and I think that this guy " Joel Kallman" may be the best to asnwer your question.

            Hope this help,

            Sam Khalaf
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              Martin Giffy D'Souza

              I sent a message to Joel and he said that a user was running so very large queries which was slowing down the machine. This isn't an APEX specific problem just some poor code. I think the issue has been resolved.


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                Thanks Sam and Martin, that is very useful information.

                I still think there is a problem with APEX, for two reasons:

                1. Having some percentage of web requests hang indefinitely is not a correct error condition. There should be a better error handler for this situation. That is a web/application server problem.

                2. A single user running bad code should not affect other users, especially in a system that is designed for multiple developers each with their own separate environment. The documentation highlights this as a benefit of APEX.

                Anyway, those are issues for Oracle to look into. I appreciate the links and information.

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                  A bad query will slow down any system so that's not really an Apex issue is it. I've seen badly designed .net and java applications that hog the system.
                  I guess it's a matter of every apex.oracle.com user realising that it's just a test/demo site and being reasonable about how much data and what they run on it. Obviously if this were to continue, someone might have to create resource groups and assign how much resources can be consumed but that comes with a maintenance overhead which shouldn't be borne by a site of this nature.
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                    +>> Obviously if this were to continue, someone might have to create resource groups and assign how much resources can be consumed but that comes with a maintenance overhead which shouldn't be borne by a site of this nature.+

                    Au contraire, mon frère - a system of this size and dynamic essentially requires Resource Manager. I have a Resource Manager plan in place, which I have blogged about. As I related to Martin, I couldn't understand why this long-running SQL in multiple sessions was left in my high-priority resource consumer group. I've never seen this issue before.

                    I had suspected that this was the cause of the problem, although, I'm still not 100% sure. Ever since our IT organization moved the Web server machines to different servers, users have complained about slow performance - and this is slow performance for static files served by the Web servers, it's not a database nor APEX issue. I believe it's a networking and/or load balancer issue, but without a reproducible case, it's hard for them to diagnose and solve. I just sent another message this evening (as other users complained of slow network performance again).

                    Joel "this guy" Kallman
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                      Hello Joel,

                      Was wondering if you could comment on some of the architecture for apex.oracle.com?

                      Like web server software and versions? Version of APEX / version of APEX database? Any general tricks implemented to deal with the number of users and load on the site?

                      Would be interesting to know how Oracle has got it set up.


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                        Hi Tim,

                        1) It is front-ended by two servers, each running Oracle Application Server 10.1.2.x. This is all plugged into IT's grid, which helps them provision virtual hosts on demand. As well, all of the static resources are maintained on a big NetApp filter. For the most part, though, I'm really pretty fuzzy on the Web server details, but I know that there is minimal load generated by APEX.

                        2) I gave the specs of the database server in one of my comments here: http://joelkallman.blogspot.com/2008/02/who-uses-apexoraclecom.html. The server itself cost under $5K about 3 years ago. As my manager likes to say, it has an eBay value of approximately $1,000.

                        3) It's Enterprise Edition, soon to have the database patch set applied. It's not on a cluster.

                        4) We use the Database Resource Manager, which I discussed here http://joelkallman.blogspot.com/2009/08/oracle-database-resource-manager-and.html

                        I hope this helps.

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                          Gianluigi Trento
                          I'm from Italy and for me and my collegues is impossible to use apex.oracle.com: too slow!
                          Other Oracle web server are very slow: sign in frontend, solutions.oracle.com, sometime forums.oracle.com and otn.oracle.com and opn.oracle.com.

                          Pinging is not so bad, I think the problem are hardware and web servers.

                          D:\>ping apex.oracle.com

                          Esecuzione di Ping bigip-htmldb.oracle.com [] con 32 byte di dati:

                          Risposta da byte=32 durata=180ms TTL=235
                          Risposta da byte=32 durata=200ms TTL=235
                          Risposta da byte=32 durata=184ms TTL=235
                          Risposta da byte=32 durata=176ms TTL=235

                          Statistiche Ping per
                          Pacchetti: Trasmessi = 4, Ricevuti = 4, Persi = 0 (0% persi),
                          Tempo approssimativo percorsi andata/ritorno in millisecondi:
                          Minimo = 176ms, Massimo = 200ms, Medio = 185ms

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                            This performance is totally strange,
                            I was just 10min ago in company office where I work and using apex.oracle.com without any slowness. Never see that it is so fast.
                            Now in home, it is sloooooow.

                            Br, Jari
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                              If you see this continual slow performance on apex.oracle.com (and not due to your own application but just even using Application Builder where something hangs), please either followup in this thread of send me a direct message on Twitter (joelkallman). Please don't delay in notifying me, as I'll then be able to file a request and have someone in IT take a look at this. Right now, it's difficult to diagnose when there are no performance issues.


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                                Hi Joel,

                                It may just be me, but one thing that I have noticed is that pages are generally better at loading in IE7 than FF3.5. Unfortunately, FireBug doesn't seem to help much here as most of the time taken seems to be before anything appears in the Net console. It may just be my FF settings, of course!

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                                  Hi Joel

                                  Today I was not able to do any operation successfully without having to close my browser and restart apex.oracle.com.

                                  Can you please check if there is anything going on in apex.oracle.com?

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                                    Nobody reported any issues with apex.oracle.com today. I used it as well - I did not encounter any issues.

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