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    EBCDIC Data Conversion

      I am using OSB, I have created MFL with FromatBuilder from CPY(cobol copy) file with EBCDIC format.

      With Format Tester tool, I have generated Test Non-XML and XML.

      I am using MQ, from where my OSB proxy service pulling the EBCDIC data.
      for this Proxy service i have configured the MQ queue and applying this MFL in MessageTypeConfiguration as a RequestMessageType.

      When i put the Non-XML EBCDIC data(created from Format Tester) into the MQ Queue,

      by opening non xml data into some HEX editor and copy it and pest into MQ Queue.
      throwing the nonxml to xml parser error on the console.

      I have also tried to pass same message into JMS.

      Also configuring: Request Encoding= UTF-8 in (JMS Transport configuration)

      Also i have seen MQ changing the EBCDIC as ASCII...(is anything i need to configure in MQ settings?)


      Please guide me how i can solve this
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          I have tired Request Encoding= CP037 (codepage 037)

          By putting nonXml message as (–¤) into queue then it parses and return xml output through MFL( EBCDIC to XML) as follows:


          But the EBCDIC (NonXml) Data is not transforming into XML.

          Expected result is

          Please guide me.

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            Hi all,

            I have tried almost all EBCDIC types from


            and cp037,cp277,cp278,cp280,cp284,cp285,cp297,cp420,cp424,cp500,cp870,cp871 are not working.

            Is this is a Bug of product?

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              HI all,

              Finally i have resolved this issue.....

              there is problem to put the message into Queue........

              if message wrapped with code page then it working for me.................

              vishal chaudhari