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    Category mapping in iprocurement

      Can anyone tell me how to map the oracle categories to iprocurement correctly?
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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Pl see if MOS Doc 273819.1 (Category Mapping in iProcurement) can help

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            Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

            Please see "Oracle iProcurement Implementation and Administration Guide".

            Applications Releases 11i and 12

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              Basically you have to do the setup in inventory and iProcurement for this.. Please follow below steps...

              Inventory :_

              1) Category codes setup
              2) Category Sets setup
              3) Category code assignment


              1) iProcurement Category Hierarchy :

              Internet Procurement Catalog Administration > Schema > Category Hierarchy

              e.g Top Level Category : Canada Item Category

              Level2 : 1) Admin 2) Direct Material-Additives 3) Direct Material-Chemicals 4) Direct Material-Colorants

              2) iProcurement Item Categories:

              Internet Procurement Catalog Administration > Schema > Item Categories

              Category Name                     Category Key                     Description_
              Admin     Admin     Admin
              Direct Material-Additives     Direct Material-Additives     Direct Material-Additives
              Direct Material-Chemicals     Direct Material-Chemicals     Direct Material-Chemicals
              Direct Material-Colorants     Direct Material-Colorants     Direct Material-Colorants

              3) iProcurement: Mapping Categories

                   Internet Procurement Catalog Administration > Schema > Category Mapping

              Description: Example Categories are listed below:
              Categories require mapping from iProcurement to the Core Applications. Map Categories to map the iProcurement Categories from the Unified Catalogue to the Oracle Core application categories. First select the iProcurement category and map them to the Oracle Core application Category, using the ‘map button’.

              Purchasing Category Name                                    Description                                                                        Mapped to Shopping Category_
              Direct Material.Additives.Amines.Unassigned     Direct Material.Additives.Amines.Unassigned     Direct Material
              Direct Material.Additives.Antistat.Unassigned     Direct Material.Additives.Antistat.Unassigned     Direct Material
              Direct Material.Additives.Biocide.Unassigned     Direct Material.Additives.Biocide.Unassigned     Direct Material
              Direct Material.Additives.Carbon Fiber.Unassigned Direct Material.Additives.Carbon Fiber.Unassigned     Direct Material
              Direct Material.Additives.Carbon Fibrils.Unassigned     Direct Material.Additives.Carbon Fibrils.Unassigned     Direct Material
              Direct Material.Additives.Chain Extenders.Acrylic Epoxide     Direct Material.Additives.Chain Extenders.Acrylic Epoxide     Direct Material

              S.P DASH