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    PO Summary Error

      Hello Everyone,

      I need some desperate help with the below error that I am getting everytime I run a PO Summary Query. If I do run this across query for a date range of maybe even 10 days, I do not get any data unless I repeatedly click the OK button. This happens when I select the "Lines" radio button of "Results" in the Purchase Order Summary Window. We use R12.



      APP-FND-01242: Cannot read value from field PO_HEADERS.SHIP_TO_LOCATION_ID

      Cause: The field PO_HEADERS.SHIP_TO_LOCATION_ID could not be be located or read.

      Action: This error is normally the result of an incorrectly-entered field name string in a trigger, or a field name string that does not uniquely specify a field in your form. Correct your trigger logic to precisely specify a valid field.


      The available buttons are OK & Details.

      Would really apprecaite some help.


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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Make sure that the ship_to_location_id on po_headers_all and po_line_locations_all is valid.
          It seems that the data has changed and somehow those locations are not valid anymore.

          Did someone update the po_tables or hr_locations table using sql?

          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Consultant
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            Hi Sandeep,

            Thanks for your response. Unfortunately since I do not get involved with the tables I would not know if someone messed around with them but I can check.

            I did receive an offline recommendation which is as below and would like to authenticate if this can be used.



            FRM-40105:Unable to resolve reference to Item PO_HEADERS.SHIP_TO_LOCATION_ID
            1. Navigate to Purchasing Responsibility
            2. Purchase Order > Release
            3. Enter release information
            4. Click on save button.
            This issue occurs only after applying Patch 5447380
            Bug fix for Bug.5404363 references the field 'po_headers.ship_to_location_id'. The library which uses this reference
            is called from both the Purchase Order Form as well as the Release Form. The reference to this field was not required on the Release form and hence displays the error message before saving the form.
            Apply Patch 5759435 or later. Update file POXPODIS.pld to version 115.152.11510.20 or higher.

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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              No harm in applying the patch to a test instance and see if it resolves the problem.
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                Thanks Sandeep.

                Was just curious if you or any other gurus have tried this patch before.