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    how to query free text and how to efficiently process upper/lower case

      Hi friends,

      I'm now have two questions need your helps.
      1, i want to query free text base on oracle semantic, i tried create a Full Text Index on object like ‘CREATE INDEX di_obj_idx ON data_integration(to_char(triple.GET_OBJECT())) indextype is ctxsys.context’, but i got an error 'DRG-11304:function-based indexes are not supported by this indextype’. it seems that can't specified a column with functions. so any way for this?
      2, base on some reasons, we need to query something ignores upper/lower. of course, we can use upper/lower functions, but the performance is very low. what my question is is there any functions can be used in SEM_MATCH table function or any way can give me the higher performance?

      best regards,
      Sep 9,2009