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    Transaction in EJB with ADF 11

      When i using to query update data in database, in database changed but on jspx not change? help me.
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          Todd Little-Oracle

          I'm not sure if your question is related to SALT or even Tuxedo, but in the event that it is, what comes to mind is that transactions between Tuxedo and a Java application server are loosely coupled at best. If your question is around SALT and using SALT to connect to a Java Web Service, then in that case with SALT 10gR3 there is no distributed transaction support between Tuxedo and the Java Web Service. So if the Tuxedo application and the Java application access the same data in the same database, they will see different values as they will be part of different transactions. Even with the upcoming support for WS-AtomicTransaction, distributed transactions will still be loosely coupled, i.e., each branch will appear to the resource manager as a different transaction, thus there is likely to be visibility issues.

          If you are using Tuxedo and WTC with its distributed transaction support, you will still have the loosely coupled transaction issue.

          In general it's best not to have multiple branches of a distributed transaction trying to access the same data.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect