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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Version 4.1.1

    graham - oracle
      What is being announced?

      Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper™ 4.1.1, the leading Communications Service Exposure Platform, integrates communications network technologies with SOAP and RESTful Web Services, SOA based exposure and Native interaction to provide a reliable ubiquitous framework for developing and deploying highly available, scalable, and secure telecommunications applications and features. Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper's seamless integration of disparate, heterogeneous platforms and applications enables your network to leverage existing software investments and share the carrier-class services and data that are crucial to building next-generation communications applications. The 4.1.1 release delivers an enhanced Native SMPP Facade in addition to major bug fixes and overall quality improvements.

      What do you need to do?

      Download available from Oracle Link: eDelivery

      Documentation available online on Link: OTN

      Release notes are in the online documentation, direct link Link: here.

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