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    Purchase Requisition stuck in Pre-Approved status


      I have Oracle
      We are using AME with iProcurement requisition.
      All REQ submited and approved without problems except REQ submitted by one person.
      That person submit the REQ then the REQ moves into the approval cycle and When the final approver approved the REQ, the REQ status chang from In-Process to Pre-Approved status.


      Failed Activity Approve The Requisition

      Activity Type Function

      Error Name 1

      Error Message User-Defined Exception

      Error Stack Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.APPROVE_DOC, REQAPPRV, 56465-173100, 124931, RUN)

      Please note:
      - That final approver is approving on all other REQ without problems.

      please your help.

      Best Regards,
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          This type of issues occurs when your document manager doesn't run correctly.

          We had this sort of problem , when most of the requisition were passing through and some stuck.
          in the workflow processs was showing stuck with a function committing in db as error.

          But when we stop and restarted the document manager it was working fine.
          But not sure if the stuck req will pass through. have to re-raise the request for approval.

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            Sanjay Desai EBS
            Hi Yaseer,

            You go to Requisition Summaty.
            Query with P.R. Number

            On Req.Summary Header Screen, Select "TOOLS" from above menu and select "VIEW APPROVAL THRU WORKFLOW" .
            It will open the Error Screen.

            You note down Item Key / User Key

            Switch over to "Workflow Administrator web (New)" responsibility.
            Select "Adminstrator Workflow > Workflow status monitor"

            Give Internal Name as "REQAPPRV" and give Item Key / User Key
            After retrieving record, restart the workflow activity