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    PO Approval Delegation


      I have 2 questions this morning.

      1. Our current setup is that I belong to the Corporate Procurement team and then we have the OU procurement teams. OU level procurement is currently
      approved by the head of the OU. One of the OUs will out of the out of the office for a few days so he wants to delegate his approval permissions to me but he
      is not able to do so. My guess is since I am not assigned to the approval heirarchy of that particular OU. Can anyone tell me if I am correct and what will I need to
      tell my setup team in order for them to understand the same.

      2. I would like to know if all Oracle standard reports can be retrieved in MS excel or is there any restrictions on what reports can be retrieved in MS excel.


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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          1. Delegation typically means that the person does not have to have the authority. However, the fact that you are in a different OU may be causing the problem. Also please try changing the profile "WF: Notification Reassign Mode" to Delegate. And make sure that vacation rule says "Delegate"; not transfer.
          2. There is no restriction as such. But most (if not all) of the reports don't come over properly in Excel. Those reports are text without any delimiter. So when you open in excel, all the lines appear in columnA. A report will come over properly in Excel if it has delimited columns.
          Hope this answers your question

          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Consultant

          (BTW, please avoid having two unrelated questions in the same thread)
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            Thanks Sandeep.

            That was extremely helpful. Will also remember about unrelated subjects on a single thread.