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    No matching of rule conditions

      I'm fairly new to the Oracle rules manager (about 3 months now) and I have an interesting situation. The rules application is designed with an initiation procedure that gathers the data for the event instance and calls the DBMS_RLMGR.PROCESS_RULES procedure in a loop. We have developed this application in our development environment and it works without a problem. In the development environment, it evaluates the data through the rule conditions and executes the callback procedures when it should. We have recently deployed it to our QA environment and it does not work as expected. We deployed the same rule classes with the same conditions and loaded the same data into the source tables, as well. We then executed the initiation procedures and no actions (by the callback procedures) were performed for the rule classes. I have verified that the initiation procedures are gathering the data and calling the DBMS_RLMGR.PROCESS_RULES procedure as expected. I have even executed a trace for the session, but it is relatively complex to interpret with calls to the internal rules manager procedural code. The database version is 11g.
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          Could you please check if the rules in the production environment are all enabled ? You can query the rlm$enabled column from the rule class table. You can also define a dummy rule, which matches every event and see if this fires. If not, ensure that the callback procedure implementation is correct. If none of these work, you can try the ADD_EVENTS API to add events and query the rule class results view. This way you will know if the error is in the callback procedure or the rules.

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            The problem was in the setup of the call back procedures. Thanks for your help!