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    AME Set up

      Hi Y'all

      I have set up AME ;scenario below

      Action Type:
      NAME: Hr Possition, then i created the possitions as set up in HR and on the possition hirerarchy (i.e. 02.manager)

      Condition Type: Ordinary
      Attribute: PO_COST_CENTER
      Data Type: String
      Item Class: Line Item
      String Value : Cost Center Number (i.e. 20050)
      REQUISITION_TOTAL is greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 20000,ZAR

      Action Type:hr possition
      Action:Requires approval up to HR Positions:02.Manager

      I've set up the document type in Purchasing appropriately
      Approval Workflow: Requisition
      Workflow Start Process: Main Requisition Approval
      Approval Transaction Type: PURCHASE_REQ
      Forward Method: Hierarchy
      Default Hierarchy: Requisition Hierarchy
      Security Level: Purchasing;

      when i create a requisition it doesn't go to (02.Manager),it goes to just another manager on the hierarchy and for some users i get a workflow error(Set Ame Attibutes)

      can someone please assist,this is rather agent.

      thanks in advance