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    No Notification for PO approval R12

      When I submit PO no notification sent to manager for approval, getting the follwoing error:

      Workflow "134001-392015" has stopped processing with one or more program errors as shown below.

      Failed Activity: Reserve Document

      Activity Type Function
      Error Name WFENG_ITEM_ATTR
      Error Message 3103: Attribute 'DOCUMENT_ID' does not exist for item 'REQAPPRV/134001-392015'.

      TIP The "Error Stack" shows the technical details of what went wrong with the failed workflow activity. You might be asked to provide this information when discussing the error with a system administrator.

      Hide Error Stack

      Error Stack PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.ReserveAutonomous(010) PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.ReserveDoc(ReserveDoc 020: Doc Header Id = 134001) PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.Reserve_Doc(REQAPPRV, 134001-392015, PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.Reserve_Doc: 01) Wf_Engine.GetItemAttrNumber(REQAPPRV, 134001-392015, DOCUMENT_ID) Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.RESERVE_DOC, REQAPPRV, 134001-392015, 704268, RUN)
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          As per metalink, Application Accounting Definitions were not validated.

          Please follow below steps to fix this issue

          To implement the solution, execute the following steps:

          1. Run Validate Application Accounting Definitions concurrent program for Purchase Application.

          2. If Purchasing is not in the list then use the
          Sub-ledger Accounting Method
          Setup > Financials > Accounting Setup Manager > Accounting Setups,

          3. Query the ledger and choose the option for setting up the Sub-ledger Accounting Method.
          It is not the Encumbrance Accrual.

          4. Retest the issue.

          You can refer : https://metalink2.oracle.com/metalink/plsql/f?p=130:14:6751491211621852786::::p14_database_id,p14_docid,p14_show_header,p14_show_help,p14_black_frame,p14_font:NOT,736686.1,1,1,1,helvetica for details.

          Regards, :)
          S.P DASH