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    R12: Discount on Payables Invoice (Functional)

      Hi all,

      I have a scenario involving discount on the purchase of an Item. My invoice, as received as the supplier is as follows:

      Item xxx 100
      Discount (10)
      Total 90
      VAT(15%) 15.50
      Net 103.50

      When I create an invoice in AP, I add a line with amount $100 and assign a tax of 15%
      The above create a total of $115 and i add this total as header amount in the invoice.
      AND in the Scheduled Payment tab at line level, I add a discount amount of $10 for the "First Discount" Info.

      When I make payment for the above invoice, a pop-up appears indicating discount will be applied. But the Payment amount is $105 (Invoice header amount minus discount).

      Is this the only way to treat discount in AP?
      I need the payment amount to be $103.50 after applying discount.