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    Installing RAC 11gR2 in VMWare

      I'm thinking about putting together a bunch of screencasts of builds that I do for testing and learning Oracle software, and was wondering if this would be of value to the forum or other venues. I whipped together a screencast during a flight (Sept 11, Toronto to Vancouver segment) and surprisingly the audio/video came out alright.

      This trial screencast was of my first install of RAC 11gR2 in VMWare Fusion... it did not complete (surprise surprise), but I have since "repaired" what was missing on the OS side and have built a 4-node test on a Mac Pro (desktop tower), and can whip that into a screencast if this is of any value.

      Lastly, I was also thinking about authoring tutorials (more like how-tos) to help newbies accomplish the same results I demonstrate in these builds.

      Your opinion on the true value of these ideas is greatly appreciated. I do not profess to know everything, and much of what I figure out in these builds comes from at least 10 trial-error cycles and lots of RTFM...

      The link: [11gR2 Oracle Real Application Clusters RAC Build attempt, Toronto to Vancouver, 9-11 flight|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxfP840u1Lw]

      I must reiterate: I publish this only as an illustration of what I'm thinking; this was NOT a completed install partly because I fell asleep on the flight, and partly because NTP was not fully configured to allow CTSS to start. RTFM'ing on this was NOT useful as Oracle's docs seem lacking in this area, but I figured it out.

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          Hans Forbrich
          Nice stuff Eric ;-)
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            Ronny Egner
            Hi Eric,

            perhaps some pre-requirements were missing?

            I have a in-depth guide on my blog site: http://ronnyegner.wordpress.com/oracle-11g-release-2-install-guide/

            I also installed on VMWare with Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.3.

            Ronny Egner
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              Yes, it was my NTP. Sunday I rebuilt the VM environment and struck up a 2-instance "orcl" db, videos later.

              Right now I'm working on a 10+ node test with EM Grid Control, and a really quick demo of ACFS.
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                Thanks for the post.

                Please share the vmware setup details/document.

                I am stuck at the vmware creation using the vmware server2. Step 31 of the vmware setup.

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                  Ah, sorry... I've been really busy with work suddenly, but I am working on writing up how I build my RAC demo environments. I haven't seen any howtos from others that quite do it the same way I do. My goals are to build fast performing test environments in VMWare, not just get them to work. I have found using the shared SCSI bus in VMWare to be very slow and prone to errors, and also this approach does not allow extension to multiple hosts if you wanted to scale the "testbed" architecture to 20 boxes.

                  It's coming... keep watching [http://www.masterschema.com] for updates, and a plug or two on youtube would be nice too... shameless I know. =)