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    AME Error on dynamic approver groups


      My company is trying to make use of AME in Purchase requisitions. Here we use Position hierarchy and approval groups in core applications in 11i. But position hierarchy is not supported on AME by Oracle in

      Instead we are trying to use action type - approver-group chain of authority and to attach a dynamic approver group which brings back the next approver's person id. But this throws error saying "Approver group has a dynamic query in wrong format"

      Another question is, how to setup an ability to change first default approver while submitting requisitions for approval AFTER the pre-chain-of-authority approvals?

      Any suggestions/Solutions?

      Thanks in Adance
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          Hi Chetan ,

          You could write a query to get the person id like below

          SELECT 'person_id:'||xxx_AME_PKG.GETApprover1(:transactionId) FROM DUAL

          where your logic of your approver selection could be in a custom package and in a function which returns teh person id.

          Try this hopefully it should work.
          By the way did you get the answer as how you can use change first approver as I am trying to use the change first approver button and it does not change the first approver for me after i click apply .

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            Hi Chandra,

            Yes, we need to return back the person id in the format 'PER: '||person_id from the dynamic sql. The issue is now resolved. Apparently although Oracle AME supports personnels from PER, FND, TCA, iProcurement recognizes persons only from PER. So a custom action type was created to achive this.