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    Export from Grid


      I have a issue with a export from a grid to Excel. As soon as I export/import more than 500 records I get the following error :

      You are attempting to Export 1020 Rows.
      Exporting more than 500 rows in a single instance is not allowed on this WebServer.
      Please contact your system administrator for alternative methotds to Export this data.

      Click OK to Continue to Export this data, which will be truncated at 500 rows, or CANCEL to return back to Export Assistant to modify your selection.

      can someone please assist. Thanks in advance
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          This seems to be a hard limit.
          It seems you have to options -> make your webserver running on multiple instances (can be done from within server manager), but I dont have experience with this.
          Otherwise run a report and select csv output. When viewing the output make sure that csv is associated with Exccel.

          hope this helps

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            john dickey, mccarthy
            Hmm, are you running JD Edwards Enterprise One, or are you running JD Edwards World? These are two technically different products. From reading your posting, I am thinking you are running JD Edwards Enterprise One. If so, there is a separate forum for JDE Enterprise One. You have to scroll further down the forum list past JDE World forum to find that other forum.

            John Dickey