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      i installed the rac on windows 2003.i reboot the machine then i couldn't able to start the db
      i used RAW for OCR and VOTING DISK and OCFS2 for db file,control file,redo log file.
      i got the error

      SQL> conn /as sysdba
      Connected to an idle instance.
      SQL> startup
      ORA-01261: Parameter db_recovery_file_dest destination string cannot be translat
      ORA-01263: Name given for file destination directory is invalid
      OSD-04018: Unable to access the specified directory or device.
      O/S-Error: (OS 1005) The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Pleas
      e make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume
      is not corrupted
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          Do you see the pfile or spfile under %ORACLE_HOME%\dbs ? what are the contents?
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            dbs directory contains initdw.ora file.it has some sample parameters only.
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              I think I replied to this [same question|http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=958963&tstart=0] posted by you in the General Database forum. Although it would be a good idea to check that the parameter is correctly specified in the pfile/spfile, I strongly suspect this problem is rooted more in how you've got your OCFS2 shared device configured...especially considering that the problem emerged after a reboot.

              Check all nodes in the cluster to ensure that the partitions are visible on all the nodes and to ensure that none of the Oracle partitions have drive letters assigned. If any partitions have drive letters assigned, then remove them by performing these steps on each node in the cluster where the partitions have drive letters assigned:

              - Right-click the partition in the Windows disk administration tool
              - Select "Change Drive Letters and Paths..." from the menu
              - Click Remove in the "Change Drive Letter and Paths" window



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                Hello All,

                You are runing Oracle on a windows system, the dbs directory are used by Oracle on Unix systems.

                Check spfile<SID>.ora on your directory %ORACLE_HOME%\database\


                Rodrigo Mufalani
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                  You're right, it's been too long since I've run a database on Windows. The location slipped my mind.