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    Need ORDM Data Specialist / Architect !

      I think i am about to be the first project manager in the UK to undertake a commercial ORDM delivery without Oracle Corp !?

      With that in mind I am seeking a Data Specialist/Architect with knowledge of the model to help me out ..is there anyone out there? :-)

      (Also seeking some good ODI EE people too)

      (And I am genuine - this is not a recruiting agency stunt)


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          Hi Matt,

          Thanks for confirming, these days forums too are not free from spamming.

          This is Saswata, I am from the development team of ORDM (Oracle partner), currently I am in UK and helping a customer to Implement ORDM. Our team has ORDM data modeller and, ETL architect with hands on skills in ODI, and OBIEE specialists. Also our team has retail specialists who has decades of experience in retail analytics.
          I am reachable at + 44 755 1304 198.

          Lets talk sometime and see what we can do for you.

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            Hi Matt:

            This is K K Roy from Infovisionix, a global product & consulting company having presence in UK / EMEA. We are a ORDM as well as OBIEE development partner with Oracle. We'll be able to provide you with excellent resources in ORDM as well as OBIEE. We can schedule a conference call to understand your requirement & plan the next steps. Pls. let me know your availability.

            K K Roy
            Infovisionix Inc.
            email: kkroy@infovisionix.com
            contact: US: (949) 466 2369
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              Hi Both, Thanks for the replies.

              Our intetntion is to build a team here from the contract market, however levels of consultancy will doubtless prove useful as we go along as ORDM knowledge is thin on the ground. I will definitely be in touch next week.


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                I am based in USA. We only do ODI-EE implementations. you can reach me info@swiftsolutionsinc.com.

                Again, I am an ODI architect worked with sunopsis and ODI with 14 end-end project implementation from install,setup,configure,architecture,design deploy and testing using oracle data integrator.

                I can give reference from Oracle and other clients in USA.