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    OCI and Objective-C (MacOSX)


      I'm looking for some example, how is possible connect to Oracle with combination Objective-C and OCI. Is anywise something like this possible in Objective-C ? (btw. i know, that there is feasible solution connect to Oracle with JDBC or ODBC, but if is it possible, i prefer native library).

      I will be thankful for each information !
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          There are native OCI libs available for MacOSX.
          They include OCI(C) and OCCI(C++) interfaces. (libocci.so.*)
          From Objective C perspective you might look for examples how to integrate Objective C with C++ - called Objective C++ - and plain C as well.
          It is pretty straight forward. I don't know of any common Objective C Wrapper, although this might be interesting for a Core Data layer.
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