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    Decimals in Bills of Material

      We have JDE One World,

      Does anybody know if we can use decimals in the Bills of Materials?
      Where can it be setup?
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          Search My Oracle Support for P40CVT or QTYINV. This willl give you the instruction for making that change.
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            john dickey, mccarthy
            You did post this in a JD Edwards World Forum category. There is a separate forum (down below World's location) for Enterprise One/One World. You would be better off posting this question there. Technically World is much different than One World. I don't know One World. In World the data dictionary is where you control decimal points. But once you go live with a product, it is not wise to be changing decimal places. You would probably want to work with JDE support to see what would be invovled in changing decimal places for this. Certainly something you want to test very very carefully.

            John Dickey