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    Error while generating the Document...  Bursting Status Report

      Hey all,
      I am getting some errors in a production environment when trying to burst out some invoice data.
      This process has been pretty robust and out of 1000+ invoices a day, I can only find 4 that are failing regularily.
      Why am I mentioning?, just to show that I am thinking this is a data issue, but just cannot see anything that stands out.
      I can take the xml output and run it through my development suite on my local machine and all runs fine.
      Just when it is running live through the db is when it fails.
      Here is the Bursting output that shows the error....

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <REPORT_DESC>Invoice Print Selected Invoices</REPORT_DESC>
      <LOG>Error while generating the Document...</LOG>

      The problem is that this output doesn't necessarily help, nor can I find any hints in the OPP logs.
      So... the question becomes...
      Any ideas on where I can look to resolve this issue?+
      Or where I can find any clues at, that would possible point at the issue?+

      Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi
      BI Publisher 5.6.3

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          Tim Dexter-Oracle

          Turning on debug and getting a log will help. Of the 4 that are failing you might look to see if there are any special characters in the XML, especially '&'. Whats generating the XML?

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            Thanks for the suggestion, always seems to slip my mind that the Bursting Report has debug on it.
            As far as what is generating the XML, it is oracle's standard, only slightly modified ... ;), invoice generating report, RAXINV_SEL.
            Well RAXINV_SEL, or RAXINV_NEW, doesn't matter, same code, that is the executable.

            I have turned on the debug, for both the source xml and the burst request, and unfortunately, still nothing stands out to me.
            I was really expecting to see something in the burst log, pasted at the bottom...
            but, it yet avoids me.

            If I had to guess, I would bet the user went, in our terminology, "slashwit crazy", or example "model /w options", in some description.
            But can't seem to find which field it is blowing up on, since we are catching these special characters in several places already, and slashwit is littered throughout the output.
            I was also looking in the bursting control file for the special xml tags identified there, as those would require no slashes. But those are all clean.

            XML Publisher: Version : 11.5.0

            Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

            XDOBURSTREP module: XML Publisher Report Bursting Program

            Current system time is 21-SEP-2009 10:43:12


            XML/BI Publisher Version : 5.6.3
            Request ID: 27048106
            All Parameters: ReportRequestID=27044726:DebugFlag=Y
            Report Req ID: 27044726
            Debug Flag: Y
            Updating request description
            Updated description
            Retrieving XML request information
            Node Name:{node}
            Preparing parameters
            null output =/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/out/{instance}/o27048106.out
            inputfilename =/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/out/{instance}/o27044726.out
            Data XML File:/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/out/{instance}/o27044726.out
            Set Bursting parameters..
            Temp. Directory:/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/temp
            [092109_104315337][][STATEMENT] Oracle XML Parser version ::: Oracle XDK Java Production
            [092109_104315340][][STATEMENT] setOAProperties called..
            Bursting propertes.....
            {burstng-source=EBS, font.Free 3 of 9.normal.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/FREE3OF9.TTF, font.Times New Roman.normal.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/TIMES.TTF, system-temp-dir=/u007/app/applmgr/{instance}/temp, font.Arial.italic.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/ARIALI.TTF, user-variable:cp:parent_request_id=27044726, user-variable:cp:application_short_name=XDO, font.Courier New.normal.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/COURBD.TTF, font.Times New Roman.normal.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/TIMESBD.TTF, user-variable:cp:request_id=27048106, font.Arial.normal.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/ARIAL.TTF, font.Courier New.normal.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/COUR.TTF, user-variable.OA_MEDIA=http://diierp.corio.com:8002/OA_MEDIA, font.Courier New.italic.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/COURBI.TTF, user-variable:cp:org_id=83, user-variable:cp:DebugFlag=Y, font.Times New Roman.italic.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/TIMESBI.TTF, user-variable:cp:responsibility=51270, font.Arial.italic.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/ARIALBI.TTF, font.Courier New.italic.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/COURI.TTF, user-variable:cp:user=HAYDEN, user-variable:cp:reportdescription=Invoice Print Selected Invoices, user-variable:cp:language=en, font.Times New Roman.italic.normal=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/TIMESI.TTF, user-variable:cp:ReportRequestID=27044726, user-variable:cp:locale=en-US, user-variable:cp:territory=US, font.Arial.normal.bold=truetype./usr/java/jre/lib/fonts/ARIALBD.TTF}
            Start bursting process..
            Bursting process complete..
            Generating Bursting Status Report..
            Start of log messages from FND_FILE
            End of log messages from FND_FILE

            Executing request completion options...

            ------------- 1) PUBLISH -------------
            Beginning post-processing of request 27048106 on node {node} at 21-SEP-2009 10:43:19.
            Post-processing of request 27048106 completed at 21-SEP-2009 10:43:20.

            Finished executing request completion options.

            Concurrent request completed
            Current system time is 21-SEP-2009 10:43:20

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              You need to set the logging to statement.
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                If you could post your bursting control file,.. would be good to check...

                <OUTPUT_FILE>$OUT_DIR/o27044820.zip</OUTPUT_FILE> --> how are you generating your document
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                  See this post on how to turn on debugging

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                    Thanks for the pointer Ike, looks like I was skipping a couple steps in logging previously, your article was really helpful. Didn't follow it exactly, but got me to a point that would work. Just takes a little coordination time with off site hosting env.
                    We have so many requests running at any given time it is really hard to seperate the logging that you want to see from the logging that you don't want to see. When all was said and done, I got about a 1m file out of the filesystem. I didn't really find anything that stood out and slapped me in the face about any special characters, but I glad I went through the process successfully.
                    To continue, and likely rephrase a question on this request, I did a mass update on the xml to replace the wandering "/" characters. And voilà, the burst was successful and the bursted output is generated as intended. The part I am really having a hard time with is that I cannot reproduce this in our daily clone instance. Which should be the exact same data set and code as what is in production.
                    With that being said, our organization has confronted this issue many times before, just not quite on this scale. It was always a one off data issue that was adjusted. But in this scenario it is drastic enough to start to require some updates to the process.
                    How is the rdf to xml generator suppsed to handle these special characters?*
                    We can't be the first to come across an issue like this. Is there some place I can include CDATA logic? Or interject xmlgen.convert at some place?
                    This so far has been completely reliant upon the standard xml generator.
                    Once again, thanks for all the help.
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                      Are you using reports6i as the XML Generation tool? If so good luck with that, Oracle is not going to change it for you. Trust me. 2017 oracle reports is being desupported.

                      Can you paste what your fixing in your xml file? Also, reports6i cannot handle imbedded xml in field.

                      there are two options for character escaping:

                      1. You may have to port it to a data template. I have some conversion utilities that make it pretty painless.
                      2. Try a calculated formula.


                      Ike Wiggins
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                        Yes, this is currently a 6i report. Ha, and I am definitely not asking oracle to change the way 6i reports are being rendered into XML by any means. Only looking for what our options are to successfully catch the special characters.

                        Here are some examples of the fields that contain special characters that are being replaced...

                        We have a pretty simple function in house that we can easily wrap around any varchar field in the select clause, which will remedy this issue, but is definitely not my choice for a permanent solution. I have been looking for an excuse, or maybe a strong enough sell to "the man", that shows we are required to at least start the whole report deprecation process. Maybe this is just the time and place.
                        Thanks again for all the assistance,
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                          Your sure the slash isn't being escaped. If so then you can try and use the utilities I wrote to see how much work it will be. Of course you can just use your function too.
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                            Hi all,

                            Any one can update clear solution for the problem mentioned first,bcoz i am getting the same exact error
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                              I have the same problem. I am trying to generate a pdf output,while bursting process i am getting the following error. Below is the Error from the Bursting Output File.

                              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
                              - <BURS_REPORT>
                              <REPORT_DESC>AUS AR CB Generate PDF Output File</REPORT_DESC>
                              - <DOCUMENT_STATUS>
                              <KEY />
                              <DELIVERY />
                              <OUTPUT />
                              <LOG>Error while generating the Document...</LOG>

                              Here is the Bursting control file.

                              <xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/xapi" type="bursting">
                                   <xapi:request select="/XXAUSARINVCBI/LIST_G_CBI_DETAILS/G_CBI_DETAILS">
                                             <xapi:filesystem id="GradeMsgId" output="${XXAR_BIPUB_CBI_BURST_OUT}/${INVOICE_NUMBER}${ROW_TYPE}.pdf" />
                                        <xapi:document output-type="pdf" delivery="GradeMsgId">
                                             <xapi:template type="rtf" location="${XXAR_BIPUB_RTF_LOC}/patch/115/publisher/templates/US/XXAUSARPDFCBIINV.rtf"/>

                              Version Of database , Applications And Bi Publisher

                              RDBMS :
                              Oracle Applications : 12.1.3
                              XML/BI Publisher Version : 5.6.3
                              Report Builder

                              Any help would be useful.