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    Unable to select Child Organization while creating requisition from iProc.?


      I have created a item code for asset item and assigned to my child organization. Here I have enabled required item attributes, (enabled Purchasing, Purchasable, Price as 100) then I have added to one of the sub inventory in child organization.
      Now under iprocurement I have searched this item code, while creating requisition the subinventorys are taking form the Master Organization not from the child Organization.

      If I want to allocate the child Organization and sub inventory name from child Organization, just like normal forms how we are creating the requisitions, what are the required setups to be done…? Is there any other setups do I need to perform? (Ex: *Running the Catalog Data Extract* – Items* or any other program)*

      Note:_ We are using the 12.0.6 version.

      Please let me know.