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    Supplier Creation


      This seems to be a combination of company policy & Oracle EBS. Our AP office is setting out a new policy that requires buyers to obtain local registration documents from suppliers along with the request to create a new supplier. Me being from the business feels that this will not be very practical since very often the buyers get supplier information local directories and send RFQs prior even speaking to a contact to obtain this document. Also the AP office is apprehensive about creating this many suppliers and cluttering the supplier database (but I am of the thought that the bigger the supplier database, the better). With me having a 100% conviction that the complete purchase cycle should be routed via Oracle, I seem to be torn between AP wanting these documents, buyers must create RFQs online and Oracle demanding that the supplier be created first before sending an RFQ.

      Would really appreciate if participants in this forum can speak from your experiences and shed some light.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          I have faced the same problem too. AP folks had to follow their own procedures.
          So I suggested that when a new supplier was created, they would put it on Purchase Order Hold (Suppliers > Purchasing tab) and Payment Hold (Suppliers > Control tab).
          This will stop users from appoving any purchase orders for the suppliers or make payments.
          However, you still will be able to create RFQ for the supplier.
          Hope this answers your question

          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Consultant
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            Although not the exact same requirement, I've also implemented a similar approach to the above, where Supplier is put on hold (inactive) including implementing a Supplier Approval process.

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              Hi Sandeep & Gareth,

              Thanks for the responses. What I sense is more of a requisite implementation by finance than any supplier vetting or approval at this stage. I have already discussed

              1. Create the supplier with minimal information at the point of sening out the RFQ.
              2. Put the supplier on hold.
              3. Once the decision has been made to issue a PO to the supplier, then provide purchasing will provide all information to AP office for entering data such as payee name, bank details and other fields that have financial implications.

              I would like to know if the buyers can be given partial access to supplier creation for tabs such as

              a. Organization, Address Book and Contact under the Company Profile tab.
              b. Business Classification, Products & Services and Surveys under the Directory tab.
              c. Purchasing under the Control tab.

              At the time of PO creation AP office can update all financial information.

              I am asking this since I can sense that AP office is reluctant to go in and update the information for the second time.

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                Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                What you ask for is quite common. Almost all AP folks are wary of giving full access to the Supplier screens.

                You can create a new responsibility called XX Supplier Restricted.
                And use personalization to grant access to certain fields / blocks if the user is logged into that responsibility.

                Hope this answers your question
                Sandeep Gandhi
                Independent Consultant