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      Does anyone know if there is a utility to read the Transaction_queue in ORPOS 13.0.1? Or how to show the status of how many transactions are in the transaction queue in the front of the main menu ?
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          Not aware of any tool that reads the transaction queue, but you can try to delete the first transaction in the queue and then check if the other transaction details are passing through to the DB.

          This particular scenario will not suffice in cases where there are multiple failures due to the first transaction.
          In that case you'll have to completely delete all the transaction from the queue option, or you can delete the transaction queue file from the directory structure itself.

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            What kind of technical object is this queue? Is it an Oracle Advanced Queue? Is it a JMS Queue or Topic? Is it a proprietary 'queue'?
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              The transaction_queue is executed by a Java file.
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                were you able to look in to the contents of the transaction queue? If yes could you share it with us too

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                  What I found on is that there is a Java that actually looks into the defaulthardtotals.dat file to see how many transactions have build up. The java file is called = LookupTransactionSite.java
                  This file runs at the "end of day" process and tells you how many transactions are in the queue.

                  What I'm trying to find out now is how to run it at anytime you want to, so that you can see the build up transactions during the middle of the day or anytime of the day.

                  If anyone figures it out, please let me know.
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                    Hi !! I assume you only wanted to know the status or how many transactions are piled up in queue and there details. If so, there is a option in orpos from main menu login as Admin(f4) -> "Admin Options" Screen -> Manager(F5), "Manager Options" screen -> Reports(F2), "Report Options" screen -> Queue Trans(F6). Will print all transaction number available in queue along with details like sale,postvoid etc.


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                      the corrupted TransactionQueue.queue, DBJournalQueue.queue and JMSJournalQueue.queue are currently being researched by Oracle....They did gave me a tool to fix the corrupted file and it seems to be working.

                      The real question is why is it corrupting these files....I've heard other retail companies are also having the same problem. One possibility is that if your POS system has been modify from the base code this could introduce the problem. Have anyone else had these issues?
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                        can u provide the tool details provided by the Oracle to fix same issue
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                          It's not a fix but it's a tool to repairs the corrupted or bad Transactionqueue, DBjournal.queue and
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                            Can you please share that tool/utility provided by oracle to fix corrupted queues (at hjain@nsgi-hq.com). We have the same issue in production.

                            H. Jain
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                              Oracle does not provide any such utility but we can write a utility to remove erroneous entry in transaction queue and after which we can consume the queue file

                              Saurabh Kukreja
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                                We've had these issues as well. The utility we were provided from Oracle does nto work. We have learned we need to delete the corrupt transaction out of the queue and the rest will flow behind it The corrupt transactions are all credit card transactions where the customer name that is read from the magstripe of the card on our sig cap device comes in as 50+ characters that looks like an encryption code. We have determined it is not a bad card as the same card has been scanned in other transacitons and it came across fine. I understand that pulling the name from the card into OPOS is customer code but we areunable to figure out where the corruption is takning place. Any ideas for us???
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                                  Good morning,

                                  We are having similar issues. What did you do to resolve the issue "where the customer name that is read from the magstripe of the card on our sig cap device comes in as 50+ characters that looks like an encryption code"?

                                  Were you able to figure out what causes the issue?

                                  When this happens we are having to use the "F5 Queue -> F2 Delete entry" function at the register to get the transactions behind it to flow to the BackOffice and CentralOffice Database.

                                  Please help. Thanks.

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