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    iProcurement - AME - Integration Error


      We are on 11.5.10 with AME.B. Completed all the required setups in AME for using Employee/Supervisior Hierarchy with additional approval groups. When tested using Workbench in AME, it works fine and shows the correct approval groups/members.

      When a Non Catalog Item, Requisition is submitted from iProcurement, it is not geenerating any Approval List. It shows the error , "You do not have the authority to approve this requisition and an Approval List was not created automatically. Please contact your system administrator."

      Owner Can Approve is True.

      Ran the Metalink Note for checking parallelization issue, the query is not returning any rows.

      Looks everything fine in AME Test Transactions, but the error is showing in iProcurement. Also, raised SR with Oracle.

      If other case, tried to change the first approver and picked up the immediate supervisor from the LOV, it shows different error "Approval List Could not be genared, Please check AME Rules etc".

      Please advise if you faced this situation ever.