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    11G R2 client install complains about two root users - RHL 5.2


      Oracle client 11.2 64 bit
      OS: Redhat 5.2

      When the pre-req checks run it is coming up with this error:

      Users With Same UID - This test checks that multiple users do not exist with user id as "0".
      Expected Value
      Actual Value
      List of errors: :
      PRVF-4132 : Multiple users "root,root" with UID "0" exist on "tspsprodap02". - Cause: More than one user is
      found to have the same user ID as specified in the message. - Action: Ensure that no two users share the
      same UID.

      I am pretty sure that this cannot happen, but I checked /etc/passwd and there is no more then one entry with a UID of 0.

      Any one got any ideas about this?