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    Contract Management Port Change Problem

      I set up the Contract Management 13 on a machine where IIS was not installed, so it found port 80 free and used it. Now I would need to move the CM on port 8090 to free the 80 to prepare IIS setup.

      I made the change using the CM administrator utility but is still listening on 80. The server is JBoss.

      Fabio D'Alfonso
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          Did changes made via Administraction Application were sucessfuly saved? What was the confirmation msg?
          Did you restared the services (ExpService and IIS)?
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            The CMAdminConfig utility is only storing a "what is my port supposed to be" value, which it really only uses when you send an e-mail from CM -- so it can correctly create the URL in the e-mail. Unlike the "Server Config" utility of 12.x and prior, there's nothing that'll do everything for you automatically in 13.

            In order to change your HTTP port from 80 to something else, you'll need to modify the SERVER.XML file, located in your /jboss-5.0.1.ga/server/cm/conf folder. Make the change, save the file, and restart the Contract Management web service.