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    Weblogic 11G topology for Forms/Reports

    Phil McDermott
      We are currently running our forms/reports applications on Oracle Application Server 10G. Our existing configuration uses a single solaris sparc server containing the Infrastructure and a test environment middle tier, and a separate 10G production middle tier on its own solaris sparc server. We utilize OID to authenticate our users, and pass that login to the database from audit purposes. I'm wondering what we'd need to do, to set up a similar environment using the Weblogic 11G server. Does it utilize the concept of infrastructure and middle tiers? Is OID still available? I also have a request from management to do it all in VMware, and my hardware guy is pinging me for hardware requirements. Also, in general, has the footprint (memory usage, disk space needed) increased with the Weblogic 11G server?

      Thanks in advance.

      Phil McDermott
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          I have limited experience with 11g but, I've installed Forms 11g, under centos 5.3 64 bit and Vista 32 developer. I can tell you that resource requirements are much much higher. I would not dream of a production system on a 32 bit or less than 4 gig memory (without the VMware).

          all other forms related features are almost the same (different directory structure and webmanagement pack) , Weblogic replacing oc4j. and no more Initiator (use sun)

          I am starting to transfer custom jar files and libraries to new server and looks like its going to be smooth

          OID & SSO are there however need schema setup prior to that

          you need to
          install jdk
          install schema
          install weblogin
          install oid
          install forms & reports

          you may need to modify an error in formsweb.cfg to make it work with Firefox (remove specific version of java)

          hope this helps
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            Phil McDermott
            Thanks Mash, it does help. Any others able to weigh in here?
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              This is some info I have gathered during the process of installing IDM 11g with for Forms, Report, Portal and Discoverer 11g supported by a 10g SSO installation .. in my server, a VMware VM of Windows Server 2003 SP2 32-bit with 8GB of RAM, when you start starting the consoles and all managed servers, 8 GB is barely enough; for a production environment I would go for way more memory, 11g is hungry for resources, I have an iCore7 processor so far it manages well, but mine is just an R&D environment, for a production server you would need something else ..

              OID 11g still exists but you must use a 10g SSO installation ... there is an IDM installation (OID is part of it) and the PFRD classic installation, the IDM installation as I mentioned, requires a 10g SSO installation if you want OSSO to work with your Forms and Reports 11g ...

              OID 11g / SSO Supporting Portal, Forms, Reports & Discoverer 11g
              OID 11g / SSO supporting Portal,Forms,Reports,Discoverer 11g

              FYI - SR response, 2 homes, 11g LDAP home and 10g SSO home
              App Server SSO LDAP on 11g

              OAM recommended Single Sign-on solution for 11g - just so you can read about OSSO as it relates to Forms/Reports ...
              The Future of Oracle Single Sign-On 10g ( ????
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                Phil McDermott
                Thank you Rodolfo, I'm wondering whether you are concerned about Oracle's conditional support for problems that might arise in a production VMware environment. It's my understanding that, for example, if you call support with a problem that they are already aware of as an Oracle problem, they will support you, but otherwise, it's incumbent on you to prove to them that the problem can be replicated under the same OS in a non-virtualized environment. That, along with the fact that Oracle plainly states that none of its products are certified under VMware, is enough to give me great pause in terms of being able to rapidly recover from a downed production environment implemented under VMware.
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                  Hi Phil,

                  No, I am not concerned about us having our environments on VMware. It is true that Oracle will require customers when requesting support about a virtualized environment to replicate the problem in a non-virtualized environment.

                  But, the practice is that this does not happen very often (2 times in the last 3-4 years), also, I see it from this perspective, when there is a problem in an Oracle environment chances are that either there is a solution for that problem and/or Oracle is aware of it or that the problem has already happened to someone else in non-virtualized environment... the exceptions would be problems coming from VMware, VMware is pretty stable from my perspective, in 6 years working with Oracle products I have only seen one error that was caused by VMware software, it was an install of OID 11g on RHEL 5 and VMware Lab manager, I think it was version 3.5 ... and it did not happen where I work, it happened to someone else in OTN.. upgrading Lab manager to version 4 and the problem was gone.

                  So, to summarize, Oracle has worked with us even though we have a virtualized environment (the whole middle tier is virtualized, even production is also virtualized), when requested to replicate the problem in a non-virtualized environment, we have used a process that we have in place to rebuild our production environment on a physical server and in both ocassions we proved them that the problem was with the Oracle environment and not the virtualization software.

                  Hope this helps,