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    Data not refreshing in ad hoc queries

      Is anyone have the same issues as me? I am experiencing some inconsistencies with ad hoc queries in the Smartview add-in of Hyperion Financial Management. I created a handful of reports and they worked the first few times after I created them, but now I get an error message everytime I want to refresh. However, my co-worker can open up the report I created and hit refresh and it will refresh for her.

      I have uninstalled Smartview and re-installed Smartview and I still receive the same messages.

      The last message is not really an error, Once I click Okay through all of those, Hyperion will refresh. It just takes up a lot of time clicking through all of those messages.

      Error messages:

      "Cannot connect to the provider. Make sure it is running in the specified host/port. Error(500)."

      "Invalid grid. Either rows or Columns have zero members. Please check suppression options and try your action again."

      "Dimension member "COPS" found in comment region at grid row 245 column 1 is being deleted."
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          Compare your Hyperion Option settings to the co-worker's. Most common I've run into are setting for suppressed rows or the check box for navigate with no data (uncheck it).
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            I have also found in Ad-hoc after connecting to the connection manager it won't connect.

            Then I look under the Active Connections and if there is no check mark in front of the application name it won't work.

            I then click on the application name under active connection (this places the check mark there if it is not there) and then it works.
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              For the first error message, this is usually associated to the connection that you are using to connect to Hyperion. If you are using proxy servers, ensure that you have marked the hyperion connection as not to use proxy server to connect to Hyperion.

              For the 2nd error message,re:invalid grid, ensure that the Hyperion smart view option under the display tab is set to Member name and description if your adhoc reports are designed to extract the full account name and description in smart view.

              As to the issue regarding the check mark if the connection is the active connection or not, what you can do is edit your connection and tick the use as Default Connection option in the edit window in order to automatically select and tag the connection as your default active connection.

              Hope this helps.

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                the third error usually means there's a member incorrectly typed in one of the columns of that row, and smartview gets confused, thinking that row is for comments, and that the referenced column therefore shouldn't be a member


                Jon Keskitalo