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    Should multiple UOM's for the same item in req template all end up in iProc

    Kristofer Cruz
      In our requisition template we have items with multiple UOMs (BX, EA, CA etc). According to Oracle only one of these items, the most recent will show up in iProcurment. However in our instance, we have been getting all the items. So say we have item 12123 in BX, EA and CA. We see three entries in the iProc store catalog.

      Recently though we had a glitch and it has only been showing the one even though multiple UOMs exist in the requisition template. Oracle says this is the intended functionality. We still have a development instance that gives all the UOM's. This contradicts what Oracle is telling us.

      Does anyone have any experience with this? We have narowed the issue down to the catalog Purge, Classification and Catalog Item Extract processes. We noticed that in the ICX_CAT_ITEM_PRICES table there is a record for each UOM in the req template however only one of them has the ACTIVE_FLAG='Y'. In our dev instance the same UOMs are present however all of them are marked ACTIVE_FLAG='Y'.

      Does anyone have experience with this? According to Oracle, the Purge, Catalog Classifications Extract and the Catalog Items Extract all amnipulate the active_flag of the ICX_CAT_ITEM_PRICES table.